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The Cool Car Guy Show – May 5th, 2009

AcuraRDXHey Cool Car Fans,

Hoss and I didn’t make it over to LODO’s today to create The Cool Car Guy Show podcast and I was so busy yesterday and today I didn’t get a chance to put up yesterday’s show until now.

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We’re going to be creating the show on different days of the week at unique locations, like LODO’s, out in front of a Starbucks, so you’re going to want to follow The Cool Car Guy on Twitter@coolcarguy or both Hoss and I on Facebook to find out where we’ll be on any given day because we are very busy and extremely impulsive people, at least I am.  You never know where we might show up and at what time because our schedules are nuts!

I had to make a trip to the Denver Auto Auction today and bid on a Subaru for a client and I ended up getting a smokin’ deal on a 2008 Ford Escape XLT for them instead. I’ll be delivering it tomorrow afternoon and they are stoked!

09 RAV4I also had to track down a Toyota RAV 4 for another client, check into an Infiniti M35x for another client and try to get an Audi A4 for another client that I pushed to tomorrow. This is in addition to locate a number of other vehicles, including a Saturn VUE, a Jeep Wrangler, a Nissan Altima, meeting a client earlier today on another Nissan Altima, locating a Subaru Impreza and at the end of the day a $130,000 – $180,000 vehicle for a great client of mine who wants me to unload his trade for him as well.

All in a day’s work for The Cool Car Guy Recon 2022: The Mezzo Incident buy and I have other vehicles I need to find besides these, but needless to say I couldn’t find time today for The Cool Car Guy Show podcast. I also got a call this evening about an Acura RDX with about 18,000 miles from a leasing company that needs to unload it this week. I need to get details on it tomorrow morning, so that I can post it up here, unless I have a buyer by then. I’m just throwing some photos up of the Acura RDX, so people can see what that vehicle looks like.

I also still need to put up details on a 2003 Mercedes Benz C240 4Matic that is ready to go for a couple grand back of retail book!

At any rate, I will be back with a new podcast for The Cool Car Guy Show with Hoss tomorrow. If you’re thinking of calling me for a vehicle, don’t freak out about how busy I am because I’m like this all the time and that’s why people call me. If I didn’t know what I was doing it would be different, but I do this everyday, working with vehicles in every make, model and price range. I also love what I do.

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Cool Car Looking For A New Home – 2002 PT Cruiser Limited Edition

2002 PT CruiserHey Cool Car Fans,

I got some flack from Dave Hopwood for calling some of the cars I put up here “cool”, but a cool car is whatever is cool to you.  After all, you’re the one driving it and Dave drives a Ford Explorer with 208,000 miles, so we can’t exactly ask his opinion on what’s cool.

SOLD! buy Threat of Exposure

I had a client contact me last week, she found me through one of the many sources that know about me online, such as Goblin Network, Twitter, Facebook, etc.  She asked me to help a retired gentleman sell his 2002 PT Cruiser Limited Edition The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard video that he hardly drove with just 29,800 miles on it. He can’t drive anymore because of his health, so I am helping him sell his vehicle.  I took it in for a safety inspection and it needs some work that will be done before taking delivery. I’m putting details of it here at CoolCarGuy.com for people to find out about it, so contact me if you are interested in this vehicle.

This vehicle will have a new set of brakes and tires, along with any other work that it needs from having a safety inspection done.  When this vehicle is delivered it will need nothing!  It has leather, is an automatic, has a sunroof, heated seats, stone white with gray interior, plus much more.

2002PTCruiser2I can get you financed with 40 credit unions and a number of banks to choose from through JFR & Associates. If you are interested and want to see it, call me at 720-771-6269 and I’ll get in touch with my client to show it to you.

Ref: Stock number 2002PT

I’m listing it at $7,495 for a quick sale and these are hard to find. If you check AutoTrader, this is the best priced one around, there are only 12 of them available, with the lowest miles and it will without a doubt be in the best condition.

The used car market is going great, so don’t believe the headlines that the auto industry is hurting. New car sales are in the tank, but used car sales are strong in Denver and abroad.

People still have to drive, cars break down and have to be replaced and more people are buying used vehicles right now, but finding them can be a challenge.

Check out NADA for details on this 2002 PT Cruiser, which at the time of this posting is $8,575 for clean retail.

John Boyd

Auto Consultant – John Boyd: The Cool Car Guy

John is an auto consultant with his license at a car dealership in Denver, Colorado. He can help you save time and money on any make or model, new or used, lease or purchase – nationwide! Call or email John about your next vehicle! jboyd@coolcarguy.com or Twitter @coolcarguy

Local Car Dealerships Going The Way Of The Dinosaur

Suzuki WRXThere is a very interesting article that showed up at CNN today about how neighborhood car dealers are facing extinction.  The sub-headline to the article reads, The small, independent dealership is struggling to compete in an increasingly cutthroat auto market.”

The example takes place in Westfield, New Jersey, but the reality is that this is happening across the United States right now as market forces have created a tremendous amount of pressure on small dealerships.  They simply can’t stay in business any longer.  The combination of the fluctuation in gas prices, reduced sales and a sour economy have forced car dealers who have been in business for decades to shut their doors.

The business model of having to inventory cars, which are depreciating assets, and every month a new NADA book coming out stating the vehicles are worth less, has not been a good one lately.  If a car dealership has to inventory just 20 cars that are worth an average of $15,000 each, they have $300,000 in cash tied up in those vehicles.  They are not going up in value the longer they stay on their car lot and they have to pay hefty interest fees on $300,000, plus reconditioning, rent, fuel, employees, licensing, taxes and all the other costs associated with running a traditional business.

One of the biggest challenges though, that the article addressed is the following…

“But in late 2008 gas prices rocketed up, leaving him stuck with lots of big trucks nobody wanted. Then, in the fall, the banking system went into a skid. New Norris’s customers couldn’t get car loans and GMAC, which financed his own inventory as well as his customers’ purchases, started demanding big payments on all those unsold trucks and SUVs.”

Talk about a huge problem.  Vehicles that you own, you have to make payments on and people who want to buy your inventory can’t get financed by the banks.  That’s a sure fire trip down disaster lane.

Trucks and automobiles are way more complicated than people realize though because no two vehicles are the same. Especially when it comes to used cars which most people purchase.  There are thousands of parts and thousands of things that can go wrong with an automobile.  Don’t believe me?  I spent about $75,000 last year repairing vehicles.

I’ve seen this coming for quite sometime in the automotive industry, but it’s a disappearing business model as pointed out in the CNN article.

“A disappearing business model

In 2008, New Jersey lost about 60 car dealerships, or roughly 10% of its total dealership population, said Jim Appleton, president of New Jersey Coalition of Automotive Retailers. “We’ll probably lose another 50 dealers this year,” he said.

Nationally, the United States lost about 900 car dealerships last year, according the National Automobile Dealers Association. About 66% percent of the dealers that closed last year were single-brand dealers.”

It will be interesting to see how the market shakes out, but I think we’re going to see fewer people willing to take the risk to open car dealerships using the old style business model.

Instead, you will see more people offering services like I do as The Cool Car Guy by helping support smaller car dealerships without the overhead of a traditional business.  Of course, you’ll have to decide at that point who you can trust and who really knows what they are doing.

I could be wrong, but I’ll continue to operate like a real estate agent for cars by working through a car dealership as an automotive consultant.  This way I can pass my expertise and knowledge on to my clients who know and trust me to save them time, money and the brain damage of having to know the in’s and out’s of a very complex industry.

John Boyd

Auto Consultant – John Boyd: The Cool Car Guy

John is an auto consultant with his license at a car dealership in Denver, Colorado. He can help you save time and money on any make or model, new or used, lease or purchase – nationwide! Call or email John about your next vehicle! jboyd@coolcarguy.com or Twitter @coolcarguy

Cool Car Looking For A New Home – 2004 Toyota Sienna AWD

2004 Sienna LE

Hey Cool Car Fans,

I have a dealership that traded for a 2004 Toyota Sienna today with around 42,500 miles.   They don’t specialize in Toyota’s and asked me to help them sell it.  – IT’S SOLD!

It’s the AWD, LE, Light Blue, Gray Interior, Power Windows, Power Side Windows, Power Sliding Side Door, This price includes four NEW tires with 65,000 mile rating for the tires.

This vehicle is not going to last, so if you are interested and want to see it today, call me ASAP at 720-771-6269 and I’ll grab it and show it to you.

Ref: Stock number 2004JB

I’m listing it at $13,400

Outlaw Trail: The Treasure of Butch Cassidy hd

, for a quick sale, NADA retail book is $13,850 and you’re not going to steal a low mile AWD Sienna.  It was just detailed and it’s ready to go.

This van will probably be gone by tomorrow, so don’t wait on this one.

Check out Edmunds for details on this ride.

John Boyd

Auto Consultant – John Boyd: The Cool Car Guy

John is an auto consultant with JFR & Associates in Denver, Colorado. He can help you save time and money on any make or model, new or used, lease or purchase – nationwide! Call or email John about your next vehicle! jboyd@coolcarguy.com