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Welcome to The Cool Car Guy’s personal blog! You can find this site directly via a Google search or through the CCG Blog link at the top of CoolCarGuy.com. Over the years, I’ve written around 250 posts and pages as The Cool Car Guy, sharing insights, stories, and advice on all things automotive.

A New Chapter For CoolCarGuy.com

From April 1st, 2005, to April 1st, 2024, I brokered cars and operated my dealership, CoolCarGuy.com. After nearly two decades, I decided it was time for a change. I wanted to take CoolCarGuy.com in a new direction, beyond just selling and brokering cars. I didn’t want to wipe out this blog with its wealth of good content, so I decided to keep it and continue adding to it.

The Cool Car Guy Moved To New Mexico

My wife Becky and I lived in Castle Rock, CO, from 1994 to 2021, when we decided to head south to Rio Rancho, NM. I kept my dealership in Colorado going for another three years with the help of an Office Manager and a few consultants. However, the time came to close the dealership and relaunch CoolCarGuy.com with a fresh vision.

A Premium Classified Ad Site

CoolCarGuy.com is now a premium classified ad website for cool cars, designed around a sales price business model. Unlike generic platforms like Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist, where your Porsche might be listed next to a baby stroller or a used wedding dress, CoolCarGuy.com offers a dedicated space for high-quality vehicles.

While sites like Cars.com, AutoTrader.com, and CarGurus.com cater mostly to newer vehicles and auto dealers, CoolCarGuy.com is designed to give individuals a fair shot at selling their unique cars. Auction houses like eBay Motors, Mecum, Barrett-Jackson, and BringATrailer also dominate the market, but they often charge both buyers and sellers a percentage of the sale.

At CoolCarGuy.com, we charge a flat fee to the seller to list their vehicle for an entire year. Once the vehicle sells, the seller can remove the listing. What’s even cooler is that sellers can keep their vehicle’s photos and write a blog post about it for The Cool Car Guy Blog, sharing their story with our community.

A Name with Expertise

The name “Cool Car Guy” isn’t just a moniker; it reflects a wealth of automotive knowledge and experience. My journey as a car enthusiast, coupled with the recognition from family and friends, led to the creation of CoolCarGuy.com. This platform is a testament to my commitment to helping individuals navigate the complexities of the automotive world. Becky and I have owned over 60 vehicles, fueling our passion for driving and appreciating cars.

With two decades of history, CoolCarGuy.com is a premium brand you can leverage to sell your vehicle. Our pricing model is affordable and based on the vehicle’s price, offering great value. It’s pretty cool to use a reputable, premium classified ad website to sell your personal or dealership’s cool car.

The Cool Car Guy YouTube Channel

Beyond the premium classified ad website at CoolCarGuy.com, I thought it would be cool to create a video section on the site featuring YouTube videos that I find interesting. I also wanted to create my own channel at www.youtube.com/@thecoolcarguy to share videos of people I personally interview about their cool cars. In addition, I’m opening it up to visitors and users of CoolCarGuy.com to submit entertaining car stories, cool car videos they’ve created, and other content worth sharing. There’s so much great content on the Internet and YouTube today that often goes unnoticed if not shared.

The Power of a Name Over a Giant

I wanted CoolCarGuy.com to maintain a boutique approach that allows for personalized attention, fostering repeat and referral business. Clients receive a level of service and expertise that transcends the transaction, setting CoolCarGuy.com apart from the impersonal nature of corporate giants. I’m not trying to compete with Craigslist or eBay Motors for my classified ad section. My business isn’t designed for the masses, even with the YouTube Channel, but for people who want a more personalized approach to listing their vehicles for sale and leveraging The Cool Car Guy brand.

The goal is to help locate and find the premium vehicles you want at a fair price for the marketplace from other car enthusiasts. By remaining an exclusive boutique classified ad and YouTube Channel, I’m not trying to be everything to everyone. CoolCarGuy.com is a national choice for those seeking a unique and expert-driven car-buying experience. I always listened to my clients and tried to get them the vehicle they wanted at the price they wanted.

Even as I write this, one of my previous clients asked me if I could track down a 2016 Ford Mustang convertible for her and her husband. Someone could submit that vehicle, if it passes the “velvet rope” policy for being a quality car, and my client could check it out on the site and reach out to the person advertising it. That’s the idea behind CoolCarGuy.com – “Connecting people with cool cars” in a way that’s different from buying directly from me as a car dealership.

Connecting with CoolCarGuy.com

CoolCarGuy.com invites those who appreciate a personalized, knowledgeable, and passionate approach to visit my main site at CoolCarGuy.com. Check out the Vehicle Showcase and see if anything interests you. It’s a new direction and a new site, so it will take some time to curate the right vehicles.

I had a lot of fun buying, selling, trading, and leasing vehicles for people. I often said to my consultants, “We sell cars for fun and profit, and usually, it’s more fun than profit. We’re always having a good time because we love people, we love cars, and we love to drive cars. It’s a match made in Heaven.”

I hope you decide to join me on this latest adventure and come along for the ride!

John Boyd
The Cool Car Guy


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