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Hey Cool Car Fans,

I have people contact me everyday about assisting them in buying, selling, trading or leasing a vehicle.

This page will explain The System that I have created from years of being a professional automotive consultant that will help you better understand what it is that I do for my clients.  You will soon discover why hundreds of people around the country continue to contact The Cool Car Guy for their vehicles every year.


The first question I am going to ask a prospective client is  Do you have a trade?.  If we can’t get you out of your vehicle it’s going to be hard to get you into another vehicle.  What’s your vehicle worth if we trade it or sell it on the open market.  I use a multi-bid system to shop your trade.

I try to help my clients get a vehicle wholesale to wholesale rather than wholesale to retail and this is the first way that I save my clients money.

In fact, earlier today, I had a lady call me who was offered $15,000 for her vehicle from a dealership and I can get her $16,000 because I have relationships and sources outside of the Used Car Manager at the dealership she went to for her vehicle.  That $1,000 in additional trade value is the difference between getting the vehicle she wants and not getting out of her current vehicle.  Granted, it doesn’t always work out like this example, but I’m going to get you the most I can for your trade.


What’s the vehicle you want to replace this one with? Do you want to buy your next vehicle or lease it?  How about leasing a used vehicle? Are you looking new or used?  Do you know what kind of vehicle you want and what price you want to pay?  Do you know how many miles you want on the vehicle? Do you have a couple vehicles you are interested in looking at?

Although, that rarely happens.  Most people know the kind of vehicle they are looking for or they are open to a certain type of vehicle in a certain price range. I often hear something from a client like,  “I want a small SUV for under $15,000 with good gas mileage and in great condition.”

Finally, what’s your time frame?  Many times people will call me and they need a vehicle by tomorrow, which is no problem if they are looking for a new vehicle, but imagine buying a used vehicle in one day without checking it out.  That can cost you dearly and it’s not a good idea.

If I have the vehicle from one of my sources and it’s already been checked out and is ready to go that’s a different story, but buying a vehicle without checking it out is like marrying someone off an Internet ad without ever going out on a first date.  It’s just not a good idea.


Are you writing a check for this vehicle or do we need to get you financed? This is a really big deal since most people finance their vehicle.  If I find you the best deal in the world, but the bank won’t loan you the money, you’re going to be frustrated that you just wasted a bunch of time.  I get calls from people all the time who contact me because I know what I’m doing and can get them financed on the right vehicle.   Know what you can qualify for before you get excited about the wrong vehicle.

Banks have criteria that they are looking for to give loans, especially in today’s economic climate.  If you have “Rock Star” credit, you can get the best interest rate around, but if you have credit challenges I can help you structure the loan with the right vehicle, the right down payment and sell the bank that you are going from zero to hero, so that you can get approved.  This is not something a part-time auto consultant who does a couple transactions a year knows how to do, but I have done this for hundreds of my clients.

If you want to apply online you can click here and fill out a credit application.


If you’re looking for a used vehicle and most people are to save money, then once I have this information, I will start searching the Dealer Auctions to look for the right vehicle for you.  I have access to auctions around the country.  When I buy through the auctions I can have a frame and mechanical inspection done on the vehicle and the ability to arbitrate with the seller.  If there are any issues that come up within 7 to 14 days of winning the bid.

If any one repair is over $500 I can return the vehicle to the auction and dodge a bullet for my client.  Next, I will have another safety inspection done on the vehicle.  I also can have a vehicle shipped from around the country.

If I can’t find the right used vehicle through the auctions, I have other sources for vehicles.  I can usually find the vehicle, as long as we are in line with the market.  If you’re trying to get a vehicle at a low ball price, it can take much longer because there are other people looking for the same vehicle.  If you’re realistic on your price and in line with the market you can save time, money and hassle.

This is The Cool Car Guy System and it is a process to make sure that my clients get the right vehicle at the right price.  Click here to fill out an online form and request more information.

Auto Consultant – John Boyd: The Cool Car Guy

John is an auto consultant with his license at a car dealership in Denver, Colorado. He can help you save time and money on any make or model, new or used, lease or purchase – nationwide! Call or email John about your next vehicle! or Twitter @coolcarguy


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