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Hey Cool Car Fans,

On The Cool Car Guy Show last Thursday on I had my friend Jason Warrick, who is a big Rally Car and Motocross fan as a special guest on the show.

Jason is a real gear head and has a ministry to the Motocross world of Colorado as a motorcycle rider. He shared with us on the show about how he was first exposed to Rally Car Racing in Europe and witnessed a few events in Ireland and Belgium, which I knew about Ireland being big for Rally, but was surprised to hear about Belgium as well. 2008 Subaru WRX STI

We also talked about how Subaru has changed the body style of the WRX and WRX STI, how Ford has been active in Rally racing, along with Mitsubishi and how the events in Europe require a 2.0 liter engine to participate. In the United States, the 2.5 liter engine can still qualify. We also talked about the late Colin McRae and how Jason had seen him race on several occasions. I also discovered that one of my posts on needed to be updated with a video from YouTube of Colin’s performance in the 2006 X-Games where he rolled his Subaru and still nearly won the race.

It was great having Jason on the show and if you want to reach him, you can find him by clicking on his name Jason Warrick and send him an email.

Be sure and tune into the show on Monday from 10AM – 11AM MST on

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