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yesterday on I had my friend and client Adam Makkai, of Mutual Service Corporation.

Adam is very conservative when it comes to cars and he gets more mileage out of a vehicle than anyone I know. His Honda Accord that he traded in with me had 200,000 miles on it and his Toyota Solara that he replaced it with already has almost 100,000 miles. Of course, for Adam that’s just getting broken in. 2008 Solara

We also talked about automotive news and the state of the economy. Adam explained how many people make the mistake of having car payments that don’t fit their budget, along with not paying off debt before adding credit cards and other expenses. Adam consults with people on how to invest in their future and how by leveraging real assets someone can use their appreciating assets to fund nice things like cool cars without giving up their lifestyle or the assets themselves. He definitely knows his stuff when it comes to maximizing a return on investment and how to get the most bang for the buck when it comes to vehicles.

It was great having Adam on the show and if you want to reach him, you can find him by clicking on his name Adam Makkai and send him an email.

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