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1991 Nissan 300zx Twin Turbo Consignment – SOLD!

20110702-101239.jpgHey Cool Car Fans,

I finally delivered the 1991 Nissan 300zx that I had on consignment for several months as many of my followers know. Normally, a vehicle sells within 90 days of being listed or it is removed from JFRCars.com and other sites when the listing expires. JFR made an exception for me on this one, after I had showed it numerous times.

The great news is that it finally sold for $9,995.

It is now owned by a really cool guy in Colorado who is a big fan of Nissan Z’s. He traded his 1992 Nissan Z with almost 120k miles on it that didn’t have the twin turbo’s like this one.


I was able to wholesale that vehicle for him and use it as a trade against this vehicle. It’s a year older than what he was driving, but it has the twin turbos and half the mileage. He wrote to tell me how much he likes his new vehicle and that he’ll be in the market for an SUV down the road that he wants me to find for him. That is what I do for my clients as The Cool Car Guy, source vehicles, and had I not been consigning this vehicle I could have probably found one for him through my various sources for cars. If you’re thinking about getting a different vehicle, drop me an email or give me a call and I’ll let you know if I can track down what you’re looking to purchase.


I was actually able to get him financed on this vehicle, even though it was 20 years old. NADA doesn’t go back to 1991 without classifying it as a classic car and very few lenders will loan money on classic cars because of the age of the vehicles.

I thought I would post some photos of it here for my readers to check out the vehicle and for the new owner.

I won’t be taking on any new consignments anytime soon. I’ve been doing consignments for almost six years and they are very time consuming. I had over thirty calls on this vehicle and numerous offers and showings to find the one person who was serious about purchasing the vehicle.

The previous owner is glad his vehicle is sold and it went to someone who is a Z enthusiast. This was the second 300zx he had owned. Having owned it for many years he decided it was time to let it go.


It can be really tough to sell old cars unless you can find a cash buyer and many times they want to pay much less than the seller is hoping to get, especially if the vehicle needs work or if the car or truck has a questionable history, it is even more difficult. I was glad that it worked out for both parties and I didn’t have to return the vehicle and throw in the towel, which I have to admit was tempting for the amount of time involved in selling this one.

Unfortunately, the consignment service I’ve been offering has been taking away from my primary service as The Cool Car Guy, which is locating vehicles for my clients. I work with every make and model. I shop my client’s trades to get the most money possible. I can handle their financing. I have access to the Dealer Auctions and rental car fleets to save more money. I also assist clients in buying or leasing new as well as used vehicles.


Needless to say, this takes a great deal of time and consignments have been something I’ve been offering as a service to assist people to get more money for their vehicles than if they traded them to a dealer or sold them on their own on Craigslist.com, EBay or other online advertising sources.

Which I want to mention something about doing online cash transactions on your own that my readers should be aware of. Recently, a guy I know who works out at 24 Hour Fitness, who is a car collector told me about how he drove from Colorado to Ohio to meet a guy he met on the Internet to buy his truck. After driving that distance, he met the guy who was selling the truck online at night and the truck had been totally misrepresented online. The seller drove from Virginia, had two of his big friends with him, who just happened to get out of the guy’s truck with tire irons and asked if he had brought the $10,000 in cash with him to buy his vehicle. He said that there was no doubt that they had planned to mug him for his $10,000 and who knows what else.

The guy telling me the story just happened to have a conceal and carry permit and had brought along his gun, which possibly could have got him in trouble crossing State lines with a firearm. He warned them that they had better think twice or he had no problem putting a bullet in them. That was a wild story to say the least and it emphasizes the importance of being safe when buying or selling vehicles today on your own.

I hope you enjoy the photos. The photo shoot that was done on this vehicle really turned out great!

Color: Burgundy
VIN#: JN1CZ24H5MX505448

Transmission: 5 Speed
Year: 1991 Engine: 3.0L V6 SOHC 24V TURBO
Make: Nissan Drive Train: RWD
Model: 300ZX Mileage: 57,837
Trim: Turbo
State: CO
Interior: Leather
Price: $9,995
Vehicle Type: Coupe

City 18
Hwy 24

Air Conditioning
Power Seats
Alloy Wheels
Power Steering
Power Windows
Cruise Control
Rear Defroster

Driver Airbag
Rear Spoiler
Extra Keys
Tilt Wheel
Power Locks

Cool Car Guy Rating: Nice


John Boyd

Auto Consultant – John Boyd: The Cool Car Guy

John is an auto consultant with his license at a car dealership in Denver, Colorado. He can help you save

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