Subaru AWD vs The Competition

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I was talking with a friend of mine the other day at a local Subaru dealership about some of the AWD vehicles on the market today and he was telling me how Subaru’s AWD technology beat out the competition.

Craig started telling me about a video that they had to watch as part of their training about the benefits of Subaru’s AWD system compared to similar vehicles.

I located the training video at Google and it’s about 11 minutes in length, but pretty darn impressive. When I told Craig that I found the video, he said, “No, way. You know John, I actually got to tackle that hill in the vehicles shown on the video.” I thought that was pretty cool, so I asked him if he was in the video and he said, “Come on, I’m not that cool.”.

Check out the video and let me know, if you agree that the Subaru AWD system is pretty impressive in this video.

Subaru AWD vs Competition

What do you think?

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