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GM LogoIn case you missed the video of GM’s $5 million Highwire “Car of the future“, a client of mine emailed the link to me today and asked me to post it at Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby movie download . He also made the following comment and asked a very good question… This is absolutely fascinating to me! Why is it so many years off…?”

For $5 million quid I would hope that this vehicle would be cool. The body style is something to be desired and looks too much like a Toyota Prius. GM probably can’t afford to put a vehicle like this into production because the cost of the proto-type was so high. Also, where are you going to fill-up a car like this? It’s not like there are hydrogen filling stations on every corner, which is the biggest problem for most alternative fuels. Even the growing E-85 alternative is only available at a few locations in Colorado.

Until McDonald’s and the fast food restaurants realize that they can be creating another profit center from their real estate locations, we will all continue to be at the mercy of the oil companies.

On another note, General Motors has recently announced that it plans to dump its line of mini-vans and rely on cross-over vehicles like the Saturn Outlook, Buick Enclave and GMC Acadia. This is a pretty giant leap forward for the automotive giant without introducing a new concept vehicle like the “Highwire” into mass production. However, it will be pretty cool when a vehicle like this finally becomes available ten or so years from now.

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