Colorado Hybrid Tax Credits

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2009 Camry HybridEarlier today, I got an email from one of my sources at a Denver Toyota dealership about the new tax credits on hybrid vehicles.

He said, “Hey John, check out the Colorado Hybrid Tax Credits on Toyota vehicles.  If you know anyone in the market this is a good size rebate courtesy of the grand State of Colorado!  Leased Hybrids are eligible too based on Cap and Residual values.  Call me if you need one for your clients.  See you soon…”

The breakdown is as follows according to his data.  I’ll have to confirm this with the State of Colorado, but it’s pretty impressive for some of Toyota’s more popular Hybrids.  I’m not sure what the availability of these vehicles is, but with gasoline creeping up over $2 a gallon again, since the Stock Market has been picking up again, we’re probably going to see more demand for hybrids in the coming months.

  • 2009 Camry Hybrid – Tax Credit Available = $2,043
  • 2009 Highlander Hybrid – Tax Credit Available = $4,688
  • 2009 Prius Hybrid – Tax Credit Available = $3,110

I’m sure there are some incentives on some other brands.  I’ll report on those as I get additional data, but in the meantime, if you’ve been thinking about a hybrid, the State of Colorado wants to assist you in getting one in your driveway.  Toyota has been leading the way with their hybrid technology and I have a number of clients with these vehicles that love them.

Let me know if you are interested in taking one out for a test drive.

John Boyd

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