2001 GMC Yukon SLT Consignment Sold

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As The Cool Car Guy, I have a large number of people who consign their vehicles with me.  I probably do more consignments than anyone in the Denver area, but the vehicles don’t always make it up here at CoolCarGuy.com.  This is not because they are not worthy of being listed or they are not really nice vehicles, but it’s because I am extremely busy and it takes time to manage this website.

I just had to post this 2001 GMC Yukon that I just delivered to a young couple that needed out of their 2005 Subaru Legacy Outback XT, after sinking thousands of dollar into a new motor, turbo and rebuild.  I was able to wholesale their vehicle for them and get them out of it and into a much nicer vehicle.  That’s what I do.

It only took a week for me to move this GMC Yukon for a couple that was referred to me by another client of mine to help them sell their vehicle.  I had numerous calls on it, but the people who I was able to deliver it to needed financing and I was able to make it happen.  The previous owners had taken such good care of this SUV that I had to put some photos up here at CoolCarGuy.com to give my visitors an idea of what a really nice, well maintained vehicle looks like.  I had a similar Buick earlier in the week, that I ended up wholesaling, but that will be going on to a new owner soon through another dealership.

I often hear people talk about how great Toyota’s, Nissans and Honda’s are and they are good vehicles, at least some of them, if they are well cared for are.  However, when I delivered this sweet GMC Yukon and had a safety inspection done on it, which I always do for my clients before delivering their car, the only thing this Yukon needed was an air filter and a cabin filter.  It didn’t even require an oil change, which was pretty cool.  Check out the photos and if you know someone looking to buy, sell, trade or lease a vehicle, new or used, have them contact me.

2001 GMC Yukon SLT 4WD

Color:  Silver
Transmission:  Automatic
Year:  2001
Engine:  5.3L V8 OHV 16V
Make:  GMC  Drive Train:
4WD  Model:  Yukon
Mileage:  59,048
Trim:  SLT 4WD
State:  CO
Interior:  Leather
Price:  $13,500
Vehicle Type:  SUV

I really enjoy being The Cool Car Guy, but especially when I can buyers and sellers to create a great experience for both parties.  It’s really cool when it works out for everyone involved and especially when it’s a great used vehicle for a new family.

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