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I wanted to write an article explaining the distinctive selling points of CoolCarGuy.com, shedding light on why it stands out in the realm of car buying compared to larger, corporate dealerships. As I delve into the blog for CoolCarGuy.com, I want to address the question of why someone should choose this platform over franchise or giant used car dealerships like Carvana, Vroom, CARMAX, Autonation, and others.

The Downfall of Giants and the Rise of CoolCarGuy.com

Carvana and Vroom, once hailed as disruptors in the online car dealership space, faced financial struggles, with Carvana narrowly escaping bankruptcy. Vroom recently announced that they are dumping their online used car sales business, and will liquidating its inventory. CoolCarGuy.com, on the other hand, remains resilient, unaffected by the challenges faced by its larger counterparts. The business model of CoolCarGuy.com isn’t about competing with Wall Street giants; it’s about providing a unique and personalized car-buying experience.

A Personalized Boutique Experience

CoolCarGuy.com operates on a boutique model, distinguishing itself from the impersonal nature of large dealerships. The business thrives on offering a personalized touch, leveraging the extensive car knowledge and passion that I have for cars. I’ve owned over 60 personal vehicles and started flipping cars when I was just 16 years old, so 40 years of automotive passion. I was labeled by one of my clients as The Cool Car Guy when I delivered her a vehicle and it was such a great experience for her. You could say that my expertise sets the stage for a unique buying, selling, trading, or leasing experience and it’s why I created CoolCarGuy.com as a car dealership.

A Name with Expertise

The name “Cool Car Guy” isn’t just a moniker; it reflects a wealth of automotive knowledge and experience. I have a history as a car enthusiast, coupled with my family and friends’ recognition of my expertise, which led to the creation of CoolCarGuy.com. It’s not just a business; it’s a testament to my commitment to helping individuals navigate the complexities of the automotive world.

The fact is that vehicles are expensive and for most people it’s the second largest purchase they will make next to their home. The majority of people are financing or leasing a vehicle for years and for many people they are not even driving a vehicle that they like or want to own. I’ve had people come to me and ask “can get me out of this car? I hate it.”, which is pretty sad to dislike something that you’re paying a large amount of money to own.

Leveraging Relationships for Client Benefit

CoolCarGuy.com goes beyond the transaction; our real goal is to build lasting relationships with clients. I have an extensive network of sources for vehicles that are not available to the general public, along with additional resources that includes specialized mechanics, bodywork professionals, and consultants licensed with the dealership. Clients have the opportunity to leverage these relationships, saving them money on future repairs, services, or specialized expertise—a benefit rarely found at larger dealerships. It’s the exact opposite when you purchase from larger dealerships. Those dealers want you to come back for service with hourly maintenance and repair rates that would make a lawyer blush.

The Power of a Name Over a Giant

While larger dealerships may offer an large inventory, they are trying to sell you what’s on their lot. At CoolCarGuy.com we prioritize quality over quantity. The boutique approach allows for personalized attention, fostering repeat and referral business. Clients receive a level of service and expertise that transcends the transaction, setting CoolCarGuy.com apart from the impersonal nature of corporate giants.

We’re not trying to sell you a vehicle that has been sitting in our inventory for months. Our goal is to help locate and find the vehicle you want at a fair price for the marketplace. If it’s an unreasonable request we will tell you and we can recommend a similar vehicle you might not have thought of that meets your wants and needs, but doesn’t make you “car poor”.

CoolCarGuy.com Beyond Boundaries

CoolCarGuy.com isn’t confined to a physical location. My wife Becky and I now live in New Mexico after 27 year of being in Colorado, but the dealership continues to thrive in Colorado and we actually serve clients nationwide. We can actually do what Vroom tried to do and Carvana is wanting to do without having to put thousands of vehicles into a gumball machine to try to attract millions of visitors to our online dealership.

CoolCarGuy.com has just one location in Colorado that aligns with my focus on catering to a targeted audience of car enthusiasts and people who want a more personalize approach to buying, trading or leasing a vehicle. By remaining as an exclusive boutique car dealership that isn’t trying to be everything to everyone, CoolCarGuy.com is a national choice for those seeking a unique and expert-driven car-buying experience.

A Network of Experts

The CoolCarGuy.com team includes passionate and knowledgeable consultants licensed with the dealership. In many states the salespeople are not licensed, but only the dealership has a license. The salespeople at most dealerships are hired full-time or part-time employees who have no clue about the rules and regulations of car buying and selling. You might be buying a vehicle from someone who was cutting hair last week. They might now have a clue about what points are in an older car, how to drive a stick shift, how to change oil or what a carburetor is compared to direct fuel injection. If you’ve been through the process you know that you will meet with a salesperson, then his or her manager, then the finance manager and before you know it your head is spinning from the dinner party you’ve just attended without getting a meal or desert.

At CoolCarGuy.com the consultants are not just licensed to sell vehicles, but some are former managers of dealerships, finance experts and car buyers with extensive auction experience, each consultant bringing a unique set of skills. The selectivity in choosing associates ensures that clients receive top-tier service and expertise. I’m also available via phone, email, text and I travel between New Mexico and Colorado regularly.

Connecting with CoolCarGuy.com

CoolCarGuy.com invites those who appreciate a personalized, knowledgeable, and passionate approach to visit our main site. Whether you’re buying, selling, trading, or leasing a vehicle, the CoolCarGuy.com experience goes beyond transactions, providing a unique and valuable journey in the world of automotive exploration.

We have a lot of fun buying, selling, trading and leasing vehicles for people. I like to say, “We sell cars for fun and profit and usually it’s more fun than profit, but we’re always having a good time because we love people, we love cars and we love to drive.” I hope you decide to join us and come along for the ride!

John Boyd
The Cool Car Guy


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