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If you were listening to The Cool Car Guy Show today on Castle Rock Radio I mentioned that I would post a link to the new car club in Castle Rock called The Vintage Car Club.

The Vintage Car Club already has 30 to 35 people who have expressed and interest in joining with cars ranging from 1931 Fords to 1967 Camaro’s and everything in between. Charlie & Allison Maiwurm recently moved from Alexandria, Minnesota to Castle Rock, Colorado and they are behind the launch of this unique automotive enthusiast experience.

Even if you don’t own a vintage car, but you like cars you are welcome to join the non-profit club and attend the upcoming meetings.

The next meeting will be held at the Philip S. Miller Library in Castle Rock, Colorado on November 8th at 7PM. The library is right downtown Castle Rock on the East side of Wilcox Street across from the Town Hall.

For more information you can reach Charlie at or call him at 720-733-2900.

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