The Cool Car Guy Show Goes Off The Air On Castle Rock Radio

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Hey Cool Car Fans,

As of April 1st, The Cool Car Guy Show is no longer featured on Castle Rock Radio. The radio station decided to go in a different direction than what we had originally agreed to and I decided that I was taking time away from servicing my clients each week to do the show.

At $180 a week for a one hour show, with a very limited listening audience for Internet radio, and firewalls blocking some listeners at work, it didn’t make a great deal of financial sense to go in that direction. The station also had some challenges archiving the shows for my guests to listen to later and send out to their associates for additional exposure of the content, so the decision was made to cancel The Cool Car Guy Show on Castle Rock Radio.

By the way, the last show that I did in March was with Mr. Mark DiCiesare of Superior Marketing Solutions in Larkspur, Colorado. Mark is a great guy and has helped a number of businesses in Castle Rock and around Douglas County with their signs in the area. He drives a big diesel truck and his personality is what I would classify as a modern day cowboy. Mark’s business creates everything from signs to banners to graphics for automobiles. If you’re interested in finding out about his services, you can reach Mark via email at

I thought I would give my visitors an update and let you know that if you tried to tune into the station, I’m no longer on the air there. I’m sure The Cool Car Guy will be back on the radio again with a different Internet radio station in the future and an all new Cool Car Guy Show, but for now it’s Springtime in the Rockies and clients are buying, selling, trading and leasing vehicles.

On another note, I have a new advertisement running in Douglas County Living Magazine starting next month. You can see what it looks like in this post. Send me your feedback and let me know your thoughts. I’ve been crazy busy the past few weeks finding vehicles for clients, but I have a great deal to talk about and share on and I’m in the process of giving this site an extreme makeover, so look for that to happen soon as well.

In the meantime, if you need to reach me, pick up the phone and give me a call or fire me off an email with any questions you might have about a particular vehicle or anything related to the automotive industry.

_________________________________________________________________________ John Boyd

Auto Consultant – John Boyd: The Cool Car Guy

John is an auto consultant with JFR & Associates

in Denver, Colorado. He can help you save time and money on any make or model, new or used, lease or purchase – nationwide! Call or email John about your next vehicle!

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