The Cool Car Guy Show LoDo's Podcast – May 1st, 2009

logo_blackbgHey Cool Car Fans,

We created our first Podcast at LoDo’s Bar & Grill today and we’re going to post it up here for you to download and listen to on your iPod or you might even be able to click a button and listen to it right here.  We’re trying to figure out this fancy technology, so hang with us, while we figure it out.  

Give us your feedback and we’ll be creating new episodes of The Cool Car Guy Show next week, live from LoDo’s in Highlands Ranch from 11:30AM – 12:30PM, so stop by to listen to Haas and The Cool Car Guy talk automotive news, crazy real life stories and interview cool people.

Enjoy the show!

The Cool Car Guy Staff :).Outrageous Fortune hd

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