The Cool Car Guy Meets Jack Kaufman And His 1991 Toyota Camry

Hey Cool Car Fans,


A few weeks ago I was out running on the Highline Canal in Littleton with some from friends of mine and we bumped into a family and criminal lawyer named Jack Kaufman who was heading out for a run as well. We invited him to go run with us since when you’re out running, the more the merrier, and we started talking about cars. Imagine that?

Jack shared with us how he has been driving an old Toyota Camry for quite a few years. In fact, he’s driven it so much he has almost 300,000 miles on the old beater and I said I had to get a photo of his ride to put on


Okay, so the car isn’t exactly cool at this point, but it’s pretty amazing that he has almost 300,000 miles, 286,000 as of right now, on this old Toyota Camry and he’s going for 300,000, so he says. We’ll have to see if he cracks and buys a new one from The Cool Car Guy before he hits that monster of a milestone.

His little corolla experience has inspired me to keep my Subaru Impreza WRX for at least a couple more years before getting a replacement vehicle for The Cool Car Guy. Who knows, maybe I’ll sell mine to Jack when I’m done with it since it will just be getting broken in.

Since that time Jack has become a regular runner with us, so find us on the Highline Canal on Saturday and Wednesday mornings around 7AM if you want to go for a run and talk about cars.

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