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Castle Rock Radio Happy New Year!

I’ll be returning back LIVE tomorrow morning from 10AM – 11AM on The Cool Car Guy Show on Castle Rock Radio.

If you haven’t tuned into The Cool Car Guy Show lately, you’re missing out on some great information about what’s happening in the automotive industry. Along, with some real life stories about how I’ve been able to assist people in buying, selling, leasing and trading their vehicles.

Conroy_HummerYesterday, I had a woman who I was working with that I was able to get approved for an interest rate of just 5.99%, this was after being turned down by one bank and offered a rate of 8.25% by another bank. That’s a significant difference in monthly payment and substantial interest savings. Unless of course, you like giving banks more of your money on your purchases. If she were to go to a traditional dealership, the odds are pretty good that they would never tell her about the lower interest rate. Frankly, they probably couldn’t get it for her, but they would have sold her the vehicle at 8.25%, 9.25% or even more to put additional profit in the transaction.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with the dealership turning a profit, since that’s why they are in business. However, the reality is that most people have no clue what is going on behind the scenes at the dealership when they are purchasing a vehicle on their own. You can’t fault the person either since most people only buy a car once every few years or so and the dealership is doing transactions for their business everyday.

“As a professional automotive consultant I provide buying, selling and leasing services for a specific clientele of individuals and companies who don’t have the time, or just don’t want to, run around from dealership to dealership or private parties shopping for vehicles. I do this with no upfront financial commitment on their part and I locate these vehicles either through the dealer auctions, private parties, my existing client base, or dealer inventories. My services are offered exclusively on a referral, repeat or relationship basis. I don’t advertise my services to gain new clients, but you can only obtain this service by being referred to me or knowing me personally.”

This week on The Cool Car Guy Show I’ll be discussing some of the following issues that are taking place right now in the automotive industry and automotive news.

  • In Australia, motorists are to be offered incentives on safe cars in new road toll plan
  • ‘Grease cars’, what are they and are they the answer to high gas prices?
  • California restricts smoking in cars
  • Older folks: Smaller cars are easier to drive
  • Now, biodegradable-racing cars with top speeds of 150mph!
  • The Best Cars to Own When It’s Time to Sell
  • Rats versus cars? Bet on the rats
  • Hybrid Electric Cars: The Environmental Friendly Cars
  • Plus much more…
  • Have a great day and be sure and tune into The Cool Car Guy Show tomorrow!
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    Auto Consultant – John Boyd: The Cool Car Guy

    John is an auto consultant and radio personality with JFR & Associates in Denver, Colorado. John offers a professional buying, selling and leasing service for his clients who don’t have time and want to avoid the aggravation of running around from dealership to dealership shopping for vehicles. Call or email John about his unique service for getting your next vehicle! Email:

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