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A Jeep Hit’s Over 1,186,072 Miles On The Body

Hey Cool Car Fans,

I was cruising the Internet this morning looking for some cool car stories and I came across one that I couldn’t pass up linking to here at CoolCarGuy.com. There’s a story over at CNN.com about a guy who has owned 26 Jeeps and he has one, a 1983 CJ-7, VEX with over 1,186,072 miles on it, complete with a photo of the vehicle.

He’s gone through five engines that last about 200,000 miles each, which is about right for a Jeep’s 6 cylinder, but what an amazing story of getting the most out of a vehicle.

If you want to check it out click here and you can read the full story for yourself. I think that’s pretty darn cool and author and lecturer Dave Ramsey with his Financial Peace University classes telling people to keep cars for as long as you can, would be proud of this guy. It just goes to show you that if you take care of a vehicle it will take care of you.

On another note, a buddy of mine that I run with Mark Ford and I spotted an old Chevy Citation last week that was parked in someone’s driveway in Littleton that was still going strong. Needless to say, there are some vehicles out there with some serious miles on them that are still being used as daily driver’s or for going off-road as in the case of VEX.


John Boyd

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