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FreebieForce.com Launches With A Testimonial From The Cool Car Guy

Hey Cool Car Fans,

Last week I had Mr. Seth Fraser of FreebieForce.com on The Cool Car Guy Show on CastleRockRadio.com and he shared with our listener’s how he had received three free motorcycles and three free cars using his FreebieForce.com system.

This was such a cool program that I had to write a post about what transpired with FreebieForce.com since I had him on The Cool Car Guy Show last week. On Friday evening Seth invited me to share on his conference call how my wife and I had received a free airline ticket for test driving a Lincoln MKZ, and a free hotel, and a number of free benefits from using his service. On Friday night they had 70 people on the call, on Saturday’s conference call I was invited back and there were 182 people listening to the call. Tonight Seth asked me to be back on the FreebieForce.com conference call where there were over 500 people on the call with over 1,200 people joining the program the first night.

The product that FreebieForce.com offers is just $10 a month and it shows you how to get free items and services. What has really appealed to me is how many promotional offers there are from automobile manufacturer’s. For example, right now you can get a free $50 gift card to Best Buy for test driving a Ford and checking out the new SYNC software system that I have talked about numerous times on The Cool Car Guy Show. You can get another $50 gift card for test driving a Nissan. How about a $25 gift card to Circuit City for test driving a Mazda CX9? According to Seth, manufacturer’s offer these types of incentives all the time to attract new people to their vehicles, which doesn’t surprise me, but it’s finding them on your own that is the challenge.

The odds of you finding these free offers on your own is slim to none. I buy, sell, trade and lease vehicles everyday for clients of mine and I didn’t know about any of these unique offers. That’s where FreebieForce.com comes into play. For $10 a month, you can join this unique service and you will find out about offers like the one’s I just mentioned, plus many more.

If you’re interested, click on the FreebieForce.com link on the right side of my website and you can get additional information. This service also allows you to earn additional income by promoting this service, which is an added benefit, especially if you have a website or know someone who owns a website like CoolCarGuy.com that gets a great deal of traffic.

Check it out and take the tour. Drop me an email if you have questions or you want to see the links to where you can get some of the free offers I mentioned in this post, provided they are still available when you read this article. Better yet, sign-up for $10 and check it out for yourself.

Mazda CX9 Promotion

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