Nissan Announcing Crossover Cabriolet

Hey Cool Car Fans,

Earlier today, I got the following email from one of my buddies over at Nissan about their new Murano convertible that is going to be hitting the market in early 2011. If you haven’t seen this new ride, you can check it out at the following link – Nissan Crosscabriolet.  This vehicle is going to start out at around $46,390 according to their website.

Be sure and get in touch with me early if you want to secure one of these because I can’t imagine they are going to be easy to get initially and I can track one down for you.  After all, I am The Cool Car Guy.

Here’s what he had to say…

“John, as you know, Nissan is about to blow the roof off the Crossover market.

Murano CrossCabriolet, the first all-wheel drive crossover convertible. It’s a premium vehicle that offers the open-air exhilaration of a convertible, along with the crossover virtues including comfortable seating for four, easy entry and exit, ample cargo capacity, high ground clearance, and all-wheel drive.

Murano CrossCabriolet is based on Murano LE AWD, but has been redesigned from the A-pillar back. Sold only in the U.S., it stakes out a unique niche in today’s market. It offers premium amenities that will appeal to upscale convertible buyers and those who may have been unwilling to make the sacrifices in practicality convertibles traditionallt required.

Murano CrossCabriolet represents a breakthruogh in concept and design, and it will be available in a variety of color combinations ( top, exterior, and interior ) for people who want to express their own unique style.

Look for more details as it’s release approaches early next year.”


John Boyd

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