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I had an email sent to me this weekend, telling me about the new Electrum Spyder electric prototype vehicle that is going for $75,000 and I thought I would post it here for my visitors to check out. Obviously, there has been a ton of interest in electric and other alternative vehicles to give Americans an opportunity to get off our addiction to foreign oil.

This vehicle was showcased in California earlier this Summer and there is an interesting YouTube Video that you can check out, if you’re interested.

Electrum Spyder 1The Electrum Spyder is a 2 passenger convertible all electric freeway flier that will be available in limited production as a prototype. Powered by a 300 vdc system, the Spyder provides an effective range of up to 150 miles on a full charge using nickel zinc batteries, but they are continually looking for ways to increase the range as battery technology improves. As with all of our Electrum series the Spyder can be upgraded to Lithium Ion batteries when available with a range of up to 300 miles on a single charge.

Here’s the email that I received, so if you’re interested in checking it out or you want more information on how you can get one of these, drop me an email and I’ll fire you off details on how we can arrange for you to get this $75,000 electric vehicle in your garage. Keep in mind that this is a prototype vehicle, so it’s not for the average consumer, but for someone who has plenty of disposable income and wants to make a statement or be involved in getting Americans additional options in the marketplace.

Hey Cool Car Guy,

This is to inform you of the opportunity to buy the Electrum Spyder – all electric running prototype. The sale price of $75,000 includes the Electrum Spyder prototype and a 3 wheel design life size mock up prototype for commuters.

Electrum Spyder 2The Spyder car is a prototype/concept vehicle and is ready to be completed for tooling. The drive train system could have patent possibilities. Further investigation by the new owner will determine that. The DC drive system has been working flawlessly since 2001. The controllers are by Curtis. This is a dual drive dual motor system for testing purposes.

Our intentions were to bring to market an affordable electric vehicle hence using a DC drive with Lead Acid batteries. It is currently set up for testing at 20.4kw. a range of approximately 35 miles, 0-60 to be determined. As we progressed in marketing and testing we came to the conclusion that what was important for the consumer was distance. We knew that after funding took place we would have to change over to an AC 320 volt li-ion 56kw drive which would give us a range of approximately 250 miles, which is what we would recommend the new owner implement.

This is an exceptional opportunity! The prospects are endless. The length of time it takes to come up with an alternative fuel vehicle car design and implement it, is, to say the least, lengthy and costly. You have the opportunity available to produce an all electric vehicle and have them on the road within a year’s time.

This is a firm price. Please contact us if you are a serious buyer.

If you want more information, drop me an email and I’ll get in touch with the owners for you.

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