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Toyota Volta 5
Here are some cool photos of a Toyota future concept vehicle called the Volta. The Toyota website at describes this unique vehicle as follows…

Toyota Volta 6
“In 1800, Alessandro Volta arranged zinc and copper discs in a column and invented the battery. 204 years later, Toyota has electrified automotive history with the first high-performance hybrid, named in his honor. The Giugiaro-designed carbon-fiber body seats three people abreast and features “drive-by-wire” controls, allowing you to position the steering wheel and pedals in front of any one of them. And the Volta’s 408-hp Hybrid Synergy Drive® (a 3.3-liter V6 with an electric motor for each axle) not only delivers 435 miles on a 13.7-gallon tank, but 0-60 acceleration in a mere four seconds. Somewhere, Count Volta is smiling.”

Toyota Volta 7
This is definitely a vehicle that Toyota should look at bringing to market. All Toyota has to do is look at the incredible success of the new Tesla vehicle that has yet to go into full production. I doubt that Toyota will do it since they are a bit too conservative, but I think that Toyota would get a great response with this baby like Tesla has been getting. Of course, the Tesla costs less than 2 cents per mile to operate since it’s 100% electric and the Volta is still a Hybrid.

Toyota Volta 9

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