2000 Rolls Royce Silver Seraph For 75% OFF OF THE ORIGINAL LIST PRICE

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One of the things that I often like to do is find really cool luxury or exclusive vehicles through the dealer auctions that had a huge original MSRP and see what they are going to for today. I am going to do a number of articles on these type of vehicles to give my readers an idea of how you could be driving an amazing vehicle for a huge discount compared to what they sold for new.

The media tends to focus on the new car market, but the used car market dwarfs the size of the new vehicle market year after year. People know that they can save thousands of dollars driving a used vehicle compared to a new vehicle. If there are 18 million new vehicles sold there is usually about 42 million used vehicles that are sold each year.

There is also a number of third-party websites that put the value of what a used vehicle should be selling for based on miles and condition, so it’s pretty difficult to get burned buying a used vehicle. Unless the vehicle is total junk to begin with, but many times you can find a diamond in the rough. I decided to post this iconic 2000 Rolls Royce Silver Seraph as an example.


The 2000 Rolls Royce Silver Seraph is a great example. In the year 2000 this vehicle had an original MSRP of $219,900. Fast forward 19 years later and you can find these vehicles for anywhere from about $52,000 on the low end to $87,900 on the high retail end. Thats as much as a 77% savings for an older Rolls Royce. Here’s a link to the NADA book value where you can see what the current value is a vehicle like this one.

This particular vehicle that was listed in the dealer auction only had 34,000 original miles. It was manufactured in the deep royal blue color with the stratos leather interior. It included a sunroof and the seat piping had french navy color with the burr walnut wood veneered interior trim. It even has the veneered picnic tables and navigation with two umbrellas. If you want to read the Wikipedia section about this vehicle you can find out about it by clicking here.


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