New VW GTI Fast Commercials Are Getting Mixed Reviews

VW Fast Girlfriend Cinderella Man dvdrip VW has released some new commercials to promote the new VW GTI that they’ve brought back into their line of vehicles.

The innovative commercials are hitting the airwaves with a new character they call “My Fast” with deep voice slogans like: “My fast has a problem with authority.” A GTI driver gets let off with a warning from a police officer. and “My fast likes to keep things light.” A GTI driver insists on keeping his ride streamlined, at any cost, even if he loses his girlfriend.

These commercials are a bit strange and probably will appeal more to men than women. I’m a VW fan having personally owned four VW Beetles and my wife Becky and I have also owned three VW Passats.

One of my favorite VW’s to drive was the old VW Scirocco that the new GTI reminds me of, but with way better technology of course. This new GTI should be a blast to drive. If you’re interested in having me arrange a test drive at my or your office, drop me an email or call me.

Check out the new commercials at YouTube

VW GTICheck out the new VW GTI Starting at $21,990

Let me know what you think, but posting a comment below. Personally, I think they are pretty cool, but I like the Unpimp videos, mentioned in another post, much better.
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