1969 Chevy Malibu Cool Car Guy Consignment – SOLD!

20110701-080203.jpgHey Cool Car Fans,

This is one of those extremely cool classic cars that somebody took the time to rebuild and they did it right. I have seen so many classic cars over the years that are junk. People have brought some of these cars to me and asked me to sell them, but I’ve said “No way!” because they couldn’t or wouldn’t invest the money to fix them correctly. Not so with this vehicle!

20110701-080352.jpgThis beast has almost $50,000 into it and he’s offering it for $29,995, which is a steal of a deal for what this car has to offer.

Unlike other consignments where I take the vehicle and show it to a potential buyer with a test drive at my office that is not going to happen here. I’ve asked the seller to allow me to bring the buyer to his shop and do a private showing because this vehicle has 600hp and two NOS tanks in the trunk.

20110701-080401.jpgThe last thing I would want is for someone inexperienced to get behind the wheel of this monster and lose control because this car needs someone with experience behind the wheel. It’s a ride that is ready for Bandimere Speedway or to be put into the garage of a private collector who just wants to look at the 1969 Chevy Malibu, which is a super cool ride.

20110701-080407.jpgAll of the documentation is with this vehicle, including photos of how it was torn down and rebuilt with plenty of photos along the way. You can see the size of the photo album that was put together documenting everything about this vehicle. It’s sweet! I’ll be amazed if it doesn’t sell for the full price and sell rather quickly once word gets out on the market that it’s available.


There are plenty of people out there with some money who would rather invest in a vehicle like this than tinker around in their garage for the next three years trying to build something on their own. In the end their vehicle may not compete with this 69′ Malibu or it may end up costing them more money anyway. This vehicle is amazing and should do extremely well on the racetrack because it was built right with a 454 Big Block motor and all the bells and whistles.

Rather than write all the details here, I believe pictures are worth a thousand words. I’m going to let the photos speak for themselves on this one and if you know someone who is into really fast, well built and restored classic cars, send them this link and tell them to check it out at CoolCarGuy.com.

20110701-080422.jpg1969 Chevy Malibu Super Sport Clone – $29,995

UPDATE! The owner of the vehicle told me to drop the price to $22,000! Don’t miss it!

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