The Rise In Price Of Synthetic Motor Oil And A 1981 Prediction Of The Cost To America Of Importing Oil

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I took my 2007 Subaru Impreza WRX in for an oil change the other day and the guys at the repair facility I went to in Castle Rock informed me that the cost of their synthetic Mobil 1 oil went from $1,800 to $2,400 to fill up their tank, so I was going to have to pay more than previously. My immediate response was, “It’s synthetic oil, it doesn’t come out of the ground.” and the guy behind the counter said, “You’re the first guy to bring that up. We said the same thing to our sales rep.”

It’s quite strange when the price of oil goes up and suddenly the cost of non-petroleum based products made in a laboratory also go up in price. I also noticed that I wrote a post back in April and talked about how gasoline prices were $3.50 a gallon and now the price is over $4.00 in most states, so we continue to see the price of gasoline to drive our vehicles go through the roof.

I thought I would put a couple links in this post about changing your motor oil since the price of oil is going up daily and people are looking for ways to cut their automotive maintenance and repair costs. There is an interesting article over at

The Governor’s Wife aka Deadly Suspicion movie download that talks about whether you should run synthetic oil or conventional motor oil in your vehicle. If you are wondering the benefits, you might want to read this article. Just click on the link to above and it will take you to the article.

On the same day that I had the oil in my Subaru changed, I came across an article over at entitled, The 3,000 Mile Oil Change Myth talking about how you really don’t have to change your oil every 3,000 miles. I had read this before, but this article has some very compelling data that you might want to take a look at, if you are interested in seeing what the latest research is on this subject. Especially, with the cost of oil continuing to eat your wallet.

Some of the readers of have asked me about my take on the oil crisis and I have some strong opinions on that subject, but since this post is about synthetic motor oil, I think you may find it interesting to learn there was an article written about The Role of Synthetic Fuel in World War II back in 1981 by a University Professor, Dr. Peter Becker that discusses what the Germans did about their oil crunch during the Second World War.

In the article he discusses how the Germans were producing millions of tons of synthetic oil because of limited access to crude oil back in World War II by using coal and he points out the need for the United States to look at getting off its addiction to imported oil. His words were written back in 1981 and are almost prophetic when you read them today. He talks about how the dollar can be devalued compared to other world currencies and the total impact rising oil prices have had on the American lifestyle.

Much of the article is a bit like a history lesson and somewhat technical, even boring, but there is some very interesting information contained within the piece. If you are interested in the subject of synthetic oil as an alternative fuel source this article may be something to read.

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