Online Used Car Seller Vroom Crashes And Burns as Sales Fall, Losses Mount

Welcome to the blog for 2024, where shameless self-promotion meets valuable insights into the world of car buying. You might be wondering, “Why choose for my vehicle needs?” This is a fair question, and in this article, we’ll explore what sets apart from franchise and giant used car dealerships like VRoom, Carvana, CARMAX, Autonation, and others.

The Downfall of Giants

Recent events have seen giants like Carvana and Vroom facing challenges. Carvana almost went out of business, and Vroom, once a Wall Street sensation, is now on the decline. This prompts a couple of crucial questions: Why did they struggle after raising millions of dollars and being darlings of Wall Street? What was their unique selling proposition? The second question is one that people often ask about’s Boutique Approach operates differently. It’s not here to compete with Wall Street giants that demand hefty profits per vehicle to cover numerous expenses. Wall Street companies have to make money for shareholders and are often paying ten different employees from one car sale. Instead, operates on a boutique model, emphasizing personalized service, expertise, and a genuine passion for cars.

John Boyd: The Cool Car Guy

With a personal history of owning over 60 automobiles and a 40-year passion for cars, John Boyd, aka The Cool Car Guy, is no stranger to the automotive world. His journey brokering began buying and selling a few of his personal cars, offering advice on car buying to others, and eventually transitioning into brokering cars for others in 2005. His unique set of skills and deep industry knowledge led him to become The Cool Car Guy.

The Value of Relationships isn’t just about buying or selling a car; it’s about building lasting relationships. Leveraging John’s extensive network, clients have access to trusted mechanics, specialists, and consultants. These relationships go beyond the purchase, with clients reaching out for advice or referrals years later.

A Network of Passionate Consultants

Licensed consultants with share the same passion for vehicles. From former managers at reputable dealerships to experts in vehicle auctions and seasoned car enthusiasts, the network of consultants is carefully chosen for their expertise and dedication.

At it is more like accessing a network of “Realtors for cars” than a traditional car dealership. A realtor doesn’t have a lot of 30 homes sitting there and waiting for people to come and walk the lot. They find you a home you’re interested in purchasing based on your wants and needs. You’re not going to hear a sales manager at say to a salesperson, “Try to get them to buy that green SUV we’ve had on our lot for 90 days.” Our approach is to assist our clients in getting the vehicle they want at the price they want without the ridiculous sales tactics used by most car dealerships. Beyond Colorado

John lives in New Mexico and continues its operations in Colorado, serving numerous clients across the country. The boutique model, focused on quality over quantity, ensures that remains a trusted resource for those who appreciate the value it brings to the automotive industry. does business differently than other car dealerships by its very design by trying not to be everything to everyone.

The Power of may not be for everyone, and that’s by design. The majority of its business comes from repeat and referral clients who understand the unique value it provides. While marketing is limited, the emphasis is on working with clients who recognize the expertise and personalized service offers.

Many large car dealers have a goal to sell hundreds or even thousands of vehicles a month. focuses on working with just a few hundred clients and friends each year to provide a better experience. Clients of receive actual personal service and have an engaging and fun experience getting a new or used vehicle that isn’t available from large corporate run dealerships. It’s a completely different approach that is rarely found in most businesses today.

Connect with

Whether you’re in Colorado or anywhere in the country, invites those who appreciate a different car-buying experience to connect. Visit the main site to explore the expertise of Cool Car Guy’s network of passionate consultants or to reach out to John directly. You will discover that if you call him, he actually answers his own phone.

In the world of car buying, stands out as a boutique alternative, offering a unique blend of expertise, passion, and personalized service that goes beyond the transaction.

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