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Hey Cool Car Fans,
Castle Rock Radio
If you were listening to The Cool Car Guy Show Misery psp today on Castle Rock Radio I had Kristin Varela of

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on the air to talk about her unique automotive website for women that was recently acquired by

Kristin shared with us some of the cool cars that she has been able to drive as the Founder and ace car reviewer for, including the new Chevy Equinox Hydrogen vehicle and the new Chevy Tahoe Hybrid. She was on her way to the Los Angeles Auto Show to check out some of the new Mom mobiles that will be on display and she had recently returned from SEMA in Las Vegas.

Mother Proof LogoI really appreciated her thoughts on the benefits of the Mini Cooper from a Mom’s perspective as she pointed out the benefits of the one piece molded seats in the back that won’t allow kid crud to get under the seats. Also, the ease of getting in and out of the seat belts for kids, which isn’t something that most people would think about when purchasing a Mini. She also told us about how much she enjoyed driving the Mazda CX9 and the Hyundai Veracruz as highly functional Mom cruisers that give plenty of bang for the buck.

Unfortunately, one of our producers forgot to hit the record button to archive today’s live broadcast on Castle Rock Radio, but that just means we will have to get her back on The Cool Car Guy Show again when she’s back in town sometime down the road.
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