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On The Cool Car Guy Show yesterday on Castle Rock Radio

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A Different Loyalty dvd I had my friend Pastor Wayne of

We had a great time having Pastor Wayne on the show. He’s a very funny guy and shared with our listeners some of the vehicles he has had over the years. Including, an early 80’s model Chevy Citation that he received as a free donation when he was going to school. He told a story about how while in Minnesota he walked out to his Citation and pulled on the door handle only to have it split in two from the cold weather. Thankfully, quality control standards on vehicles has improved since then.

Pastor Wayne also played in a band and he shared about several vans that he owned over the years. His band members of One Accord, the name of the band, actually rolled a van while carrying a trailer and had a miraculous event take place when all the members of the band walked away with the worst injury being a sprained ankle.Summit Church.

We had such a good time that we forgot to talk about what he’s been driving these days. Pastor Wayne and MySummitChurch has recently moved to Castle View High School in Castle Rock with service times in the High School Auditorium and Classrooms at 10:30 a.m. – Main Service (Full Children’s Ministry Offered).

If you haven’t listened to one of his 29-Minute Sermons you can download one from the church website before you head off for a Sunday drive. It was great having Pastor Wayne on the show and next time I have him on the show we will have to remember to ask him about what he’s driving these days.
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