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Cool Car Shot – Robbie’s 2003 Mustang GT

GT1Hey Cool Car Fans,

Yesterday, I had a guy send me photos of his 2003 Mustang GT that he asked me to help him trade on another Mustang that I have on consignment.

The photos were very well done and his 2003 Mustang GT looked extremely clean and in great shape, so I decided to post them here at CoolCarGuy.com for you to check out.

Here’s a run down on the 2003 Mustang GT and this one in particular…

2003 Mustang GT 4.6L 260 hp V8
GT premium package with bullet/mach 1 interior package

GT3Grey leather interior
5-Speed Manual

46k miles
Low jack
Extended transferable warranty
Straight piped exhaust
Lowered 2 inches
Mach 1000 audio system with factory amps and 2 10 inch subs that came from the factory
Custom billet grille

If you’re interested in checking out this vehicle let me know and I’ll track Robbie down and see what he wants for it.


This could be a great vehicle for someone who is looking for a great Mustang without having to pay a fortune for a new one or the older 1960’s body style.

It’s well equipped and the price range on these varies dramatically depending on condition and features.  In this case, he has a killer sound system built into the trunk of the vehicle.  You can see it in the photo below, so that’s one less expense you’ll have to spend on tricking this vehicle out.

The Mustang also gets pretty good gas mileage for the amount of horsepower that it’s pushing.   You should expect around 18 in the city and 24 – 26 on the highway.  It’s hard to find that kind of fuel economy in a


performance vehicle, but this 4.6l V8 delivers pretty good gas mileage for the amount of power under the hood.  It looks great too!

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John Boyd

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