Cool Car Shot – Black 2006 Ford Mustang GT

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05Mustang1I was getting my car washed the other day at the Water Waves car wash in Littleton and I met a guy, Paul, who was driving a sweet 2006 Ford Mustang GT.

I asked Paul to email me some photos of his car and he sent me the following photo shoot that he had taken this Fall.

The car is really cool, but check out those spooky looking trees as well. What a great setting for a black 2006 Mustang with red leather interior!

Paul is from Arkansas where he said that his Mustang performs much better because of the altitude, so he’s having his vehicle chipped and putting in a cold air intake for a performance increase while driving in Colorado.


In our brief conversation at the car wash, he brought up the point that if he were to have the modifications performed outside of a Ford dealership it would void the manufacturer’s warranty. With that in mind, make sure you check your manufacturer’s warranty requirements before you start making upgrades to your newer vehicle.

I have another post on of a 2005 Ford Mustang GT that I delivered to a client earlier this year. You might want to check out that cool car as well.

If you are a Mustang enthusiast be sure and check out the MustangBlog where they have all things Mustang. This week they are reporting that the Shelby GT-H that Ford made for Hertz is going on the auction block. I can confirm that this is true. I saw 12 of them lined up yesterday at the Denver Auto Auction when I was out there bidding on a vehicle and they should be going in the Ford sale next week. I have a client who wants one and they are sure to go for all the dough.

The new body style on the Mustang is pretty darn cool and they are a blast to drive!

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