Cool Car Shot – 2006 Toyota Prius

Hey Cool Car Fans,Prius 1

Here’s a “Cool Car Shot” of a blue, 2006 Toyota Prius that I delivered to a happy

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client last month.

Julia emailed me these photos and she loves her new Prius. She’s getting fantastic gas mileage with this Toyota hybrid, plus a great tax deduction to boot.

There has been a six month waiting list for this car at most Toyota dealerships in Denver. Julia called me from California and I was able to deliver her one here in Denver in less than two weeks! Needless to say, she was glad she called “The Cool Car Guy” to get her cool new vehicle.

Prius 2There is an interesting article in USA Today about how people are modifying their Prius models to get unbelievable gas mileage. Click on the link above to read the articles about plugging in the hybrids for better gas mileage.

A recent post on a popular website by another Prius owner wrote the following about his family’s experience with this unique vehicle:

My wife has been driving the Prius back and forth 160 miles a day to work. She puts on 4K a month. She drives 95% highway miles and she has been getting 55-57 mpg when the weather got nice and 47-49 when it is colder. You can’t beat that at $3.00 for a gallon of gas! I am a big guy (6’4″, 300 lbs) and I fit just fine in this car. I can even sit in the back if I have to (my hair just brushes the top). Go Toyota!”

What do you think?

Cool Car Guy Rating:
*** – Pretty Cool

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