Cool Car Looking For A New Driver – 2007 Audi Quattro 2.0T

2007 Audi A4Hey Cool Car Fans,

I bought a 2007 Audi A4 2.0 turbo for a client of mine and his situation changed, so know you can great your hands on this very cool ride.

What can I tell you about this vehicle that you probably don’t know if you are an Audi enthusiast.  The A4 is extremely popular and it comes in a FWD and a Quattro version.  This is the Quattro, so it’s all-wheel drive and Audi is the company that pioneered AWD to the marketplace and these are a blast to drive, especially with the turbo.

The Audi Quattro is a road and rally car that is produced by the German automotive coompany Audi that is part of the Volkswagen Group.  It was first shown at the 1980 Geneva Motor Show on March 3rd.  There is a great article that goes into more details about the history of the Audi quattro technology at Wikipedia buy Me and You and Everyone We Know .

2007 Audi A4 2This vehicle will have a new set of brakes and has had a safety inspection and is ready to roll.  It needs nothing.  If you want to see more pictures, you can click here to check it out at JFR & Associates.  If the link doesn’t work that means I sold it.

I can get you financed with 40 credit unions and a number of banks to choose from through JFR & Associates. If you are interested and want to see it, call me at 720-771-6269 and I’ll get in touch with my client to show it to you.

Ref: Stock number: JB91354

I’m listing it at $21,695 and you’ll see these priced all ove the place on AutoTrader and other sites, but this is the best condition of any that I’ve seen and it’s still under warranty.  Here’s what they are going for on AutoTrader by the way, so this is below the average price of what’s in the marketplace and it’s in mint condition.

2007 Audi A4Average Price: $23,244

Highest Price: $31,995
Lowest Price: $18,993

The used car market is going great, so don’t believe the headlines that the auto industry is hurting. New car sales are in the tank, but used car sales are strong in Denver and abroad.

People still have to drive, cars break down and have to be replaced and more people are buying used vehicles right now, but finding them can be a challenge.

Check out NADA for details on this 2007 Audi Quattro 2.0T, which at the time of this posting is $24,700 for clean retail.

John Boyd

Auto Consultant – John Boyd: The Cool Car Guy

John is an auto consultant with his license at a car dealership in Denver, Colorado. He can help you save time and money on any make or model, new or used, lease or purchase – nationwide! Call or email John about your next vehicle! or Twitter @coolcarguy

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