Are You A Do-It-Yourself Mechanic?

AutoTap PalmI found this product called AutoTap that some of the visitors to

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may find of interest, especially if they like to tinker with their own vehicles and want to do diagnostics.

After all, the average price of a mechanic these days has skyrocketed all across the United States. I know that there are many people who like to work on vehicles themselves and this product may be of interest.

AutoTap claims to allow a person to UNLOCK THE SECRETS OF THEIR ENGINE. is a leading provider of auto diagnostic hardware and software. The software looks pretty cool for the price.

How it works: Just hook AutoTap under the dash of your car or light truck, and into your PC or Handheld Palm device and you have a powerful tool that tells you what’s going on with your vehicle. Users SAVE MONEY! No more costly trips to the mechanic just to turn off that pesky “Check Engine” light!

Visit for more information about their software.

Click Here: – Turn Off The Check Engine Light

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*** – Pretty Cool
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